Air Assist Technology is a proven method of achieving smokeless combustion of  gas steams.

The flare gas and air flow to the flare tip where they mix. The air Assist blower provides a portion of the stoichiometric air required for combustion at high velocity which generates sufficient turbulence for mixing thus eliminating smoke formation.

The combustion air comes from a centrifugal or axial blower mounted near the bottom of the flare. Small production flares can use a 3-5 HP blower, while large custom air flares may require multiple blowers up to 150 HP each.

A properly operated air flare will achieve a destruction efficiency of greater than 98% and will meet the design requirements of 40 CRF 60.18.

Air assist flare - Mission Flares

Features and Benefits

  • Designed to meet the exit velocity requirements of 40 CFR 60.18.
  • 98% Destruction Efficiency.
  • Retractable pilots
  • Designed for wind speeds up to 120mph.
  • Designed for single piece lift for easy installation.
  • Standard flow rates from 630 MSCFC to 18,000 MSCFD.
  • Designed for a maximum radiation of 1,500 BTU/ft at grade.

Available Options

  • Solar Option Available for Some Ignition Units
  • Knockout Drum
  • Fixed Pilots


Custom Units Available