Sonic Flares

MVF (Mission Vari-Flow)

About Mission Sonic Flares

Mission Sonic Flares delivers economical and efficient solutions while maximizing your production and preserving the environment.

Mission Flares and Combustion is a leading supplier of flare equipment. A sonic flare utilizes the high pressure of the waste gas stream to eliminate smoke, shorten the flame length and reduce the ground level radiation. This in turns leads to lower flare stack heights, smaller flare headers and can reduce the capital cost.

Sonic flares typically operate where the flare gas pressure is between 8 and 50 psig. Mission Flares and Combustion utilizes a variable orifice style sonic tip, also know as a Coanda Flare. This advanced flare tip adjusts the flare tip exit based on the operating pressure of the flare. At low pressure the exit area is almost closed and as the pressure increased the area opens to allow for the increased flow. The MVF flare provides smokeless combustion from 0 -100% of the designed flow rate. These flares are well suited for emergency flaring.

Standard Models

High reliability.

Permian Basin / Mid-Con

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Rockies/Bakken Region

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Houston / Gulf Coast

Marcellus / Utica

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