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Key Offerings

Vapor Recovery Units

Fully self-contained and engineered around a rotary screw compressor that is simple to install, operate, and maintain

Sonic Flares

Utilizes the high pressure of the waste gas stream to eliminate smoke, shorten the flame length and reduce the ground level radiation

Enclosed Combustors

Low pressure enclosed flare (combustor) for the efficient destruction of vapors

High Pressure Flares

Designed to utilize the energy in a high pressure gas stream for smokeless combustion

Air Assist Flares

Proven method to achieve smokeless combustion of gas steams

Thermal Oxidizers

Combustion device designed to control temperature in the combustion chamber to achieve destruction efficiencies of 98 to 99.99%

Mission Flares Apart

What Sets Mission Flares Apart?

  • Years of Experience

  • Standard and Custom Applications

  • Expert Engineers and Industry Veterans

  • The Best Flare and Combustion Equipment on the Market

  • Exceptional Customer Service