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What makes Mission Flares & Combustion your source for Gas & Vapor Recovery, Flaring and Combustion Equipment? Years of experience working with Standard and Custom projects.

Our customers work to produce some of the worlds most in demand products, from oil and gas, to plastics and chemicals. We make sure they’re equipped and ready to produce!

Mission Flares & Combustion is made up of expert engineers and industry veterans that will assist you every step of the way – from concept to completion, we’ve got you covered!  

We strive to provide top-notch, flare and combustion equipment and services that gets the job done in a timely, environmentally friendly, and cost effective manner. If we help you reduce emissions and keep your workplace a safer, more eco-friendly place, then we’ve done our job!

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Vapor Recovery Units

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The Mission VRU System can deliver economical and efficient solutions while maximizing your production and preserving the environment.


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Low maintenance and high reliability


Smooth, quiet operation


100% captured VOC's, 0% to atmosphere

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