High Pressure Flares

Utilizing Energy for Smokeless Combustion

High Efficiency Solutions

Experience the ultimate in smokeless combustion with High Pressure Flare technology.

Equipped with a retractable pilot, this state-of-the art system comes equipped with an advanced carbon steel riser and stainless steel flare tip to take your energy production capabilities to new heights. You can rest assured that you have found the perfect solution for efficient gas stream performance!


Features and Benefits

  • Low pressure
  • Smokeless combustion
  • Retractable pilot
  • Constructed with a carbon steel riser
  • Stainless steel flare tip
  • Accommodates flows ranging from 1.5 to 5 MMSCFD

HP Flare





Available Options

  • Knockout drum
  • Flame arrestor
  • Solar option available for some ignition units
Custom Units Available

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High Pressure Flare
Standard Sizing



High Pressure Flare Standard Sizing | Mission Flares

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