Flare, Combustor, and VRU Capacity

Wide Range of Models

Whatever Your Combustion Requirements, Mission Flares Has You Covered!

Our emissions control devices come in a wide range of standard models. With our comprehensive selection of flares and combustors and ability to tailor customized units, we can provide the perfect solution for you that meets and exceeds industry standards. 

Enclosed Combustion

Sonic Flare

Air Assist Flare

High Pressure Flare

VRU Performance

VRU Compliance



Enclosed Combustion Standard Sizing


Enclosed Combustion Sizing | Mission Flares and Combustion



Sonic Flare
Standard Sizing


Sonic Flare Standard Sizing | Mission Flares



Air Assist Flare
Standard Sizing


Air Assist Flares Standard Sizing | Mission Flares and Combustion



High Pressure Flare
Standard Sizing


High Pressure Flare Standard Sizing | Mission Flares



VRU Performance Series Sizing


Performance Series Sizing | Mission Compression



VRU Compliance Series Sizing


Compliance Series Sizing | Mission Compression


Service 24/7

Our services team offers a comprehensive suite of assistance to maximize the performance and reliability of your systems. From commissioning and installation, routine maintenance inspections (PMI), and emergency repairs, we've got you covered!

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