Sonic Flares

Economical and Efficient Combustion Solutions

Maximizing Production

Mission Flares works to provide cost-effective solutions that will optimize productivity and help protect the environment. 

Sonic flares use the power of waste gas to reduce smoke, shrink flame length and minimize ground radiation. The result? Lower flare stack heights for less overall capital investment.

Mission offers an innovative sonic flare tip, known as a Coanda Flare. This cutting-edge device adjusts its exit area depending on the pressure of gas being flared - closing off at low pressures and widening to meet increased flow needs.

The MVF flares generate smokeless combustion for all designed rates up to 100 percent! An ideal choice for emergency flaring applications, Sonic Flares from Mission are both effective and efficient.


Features and Benefits

  • Smokeless combustion
  • Shorten flame length
  • High destruction rate
  • Reduces the ground level radiation
  • Longer flare tip life

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Available Options

  • Solar option available for some units
  • Flame arrestor
  • Knockout drum
Custom Units Available

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Sonic Flare
Standard Sizing



Sonic Flare Standard Sizing | Mission Flares


Oil and Gas

The Oil and Gas industry can take advantage of Mission Flares' innovative sonic flares, along with their other cutting-edge products such as air assist flares. These technological advances offer unprecedented safety benefits to the downstream sector.

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