Air Assist Flares

Providing Supplemental Air for Combustion


Air Assist Technology is a unique and innovative way of achieving smokeless combustion of gas streams.

By introducing air near the base, combining it with flare gases at the tip to generate turbulence for perfect mixing – this ensures nearly complete destruction efficiency with no visible emissions! A wide range of blowers, from 3-5 HP up to 150 HP each can be used depending on size requirements all while meeting US environmental regulations set by 40 CRF 60.18.


Features and Benefits

  • Designed to meet the exit velocity requirements of 40 CFR 60.18
  • 98% Destruction Efficiency
  • Retractable pilots
  • Designed for wind speeds up to 120mph
  • Designed for single piece lift for easy installation
  • Standard flow rates from .06 MMSCFD to 30 MMSCFD
  • Designed for a maximum radiation of 1,500 BTU/ft at grade

Air assist flare - Mission Flares


AirFlare (2)-min



Available Options

  • Solar option available for some ignition units
  • Fixed pilots
  • Knockout drum
  • Flame arrestor
Custom Units Available

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Air Assist Flare
Standard Sizing

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Air Assist Flares Standard Sizing | Mission Flares and Combustion


Oil and Gas

Midstream Oil and Gas can take advantage of the revolutionary Air Assist flares from Mission Flares, along with a host of other cutting-edge products for their resource operations – such as sonic flare technology.

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