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How Mission Flares Offers Solutions in Downstream Oil and Gas

How Mission Flares Offers Solutions in Downstream Oil and Gas

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Mission Flares designs and manufactures the highest quality products available for the oil and gas industry ensuring regulation compliance and safe working environments.

Discover more about the combustion equipment that we offer to our customers in the downstream sector of the oil and gas industry.

What is the downstream sector in the oil and gas industry?

The closer an oil and gas company is to supplying consumers with petroleum products, the further downstream it is. Businesses of the downstream segment of the oil and gas industry include: processing, transporting and selling refined products made from crude oil.

The downstream process pushes finished products including gas, lubricants, waxes, fuel, and kerosene; out of storage and into the marketplace.

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How does Mission Flares give value in the downstream sector?

Companies involved in the processing, transporting and selling of refined products have unique needs with regard to emissions control. Mission Flares provides solutions for the downstream oil and gas industry as well as completely customized solutions based on your exact specifications.

Mission Flares specializes in units completely customized to your exact specifications for the downstream market.

Comprehensive Offerings:

Our comprehensive offerings include Vapor Recovery Units and combustors to air assist flares, high pressure flares and much more.

Mission Flares manufactures the following products that benefits the Upstream Oil & Gas Sector, this offering includes but is not limited to products such as: 

1- Thermal Oxidizers

Combustion device designed to control temperature in the combustion chamber to achieve destruction efficiencies of 98 to 99.99%.

2- Steam Assist Flares

Utilities steam injection into the waste gas steam to effectively produce smokeless combustion..

3- Air Assist Flares

As a flare manufacturer, Mission's air assist flares are proven method to achieve smokeless combustion of gas steams

4- Flare Gas Recovery

Recover waste gas for use in other areas of the plant to reduce emissions and reduce cost.

5- Sonic Flares

Sonic flares utilize the high pressure of the waste gas stream to eliminate smoke, shorten the flame length and reduce the ground level radiation.

6- Utility Flares

A basic flare system designed for applications that do not require smokeless combustion or when unassisted smokeless combustion can be achieved.

7- Vapor Combustors

Our vapor combustors are highly efficient enclosed flare for the destruction of vapors.

Want To Learn More?

Click below to learn more about our offerings for the downstream oil and gas industry.

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About Mission Flares

Flame-colorMission Flares specializes in the design, manufacturing and installation of reliable combustion devices.

Mission Flares manufactures the following products that benefits the Upstream and Midstream Oil & Gas Sector: Vapor Recovery Units, Air Assist Flares, Vapor Combustors, Sonic Flares, High Pressure Flares, Oil & Gas Production, Oil & Gas Produced Water, Tank Batteries.

Mission Flares also manufactures products that benefit the Midstream Oil & Gas Sector: Thermal Oxidizers, Utility Flares, Steam Assist Flares, Marine Loading Terminals, Rail Loading Terminals, and Truck Loading Terminals.